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Montessori World Continents, Oceans & Seas Collection

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Montessori World Continent, World Oceans & Seas are incredible materials to add to your Geography studies at home or in any classroom.

This is a fantastic package to give your child an introduction to the World Continents, Oceans & Seas.

The World Continents Map is a graphic representation of the Montessori World Continents Puzzle Map.

The World Oceans and Seas are generally sold separately as control maps.

Puzzle maps do not generally come with labels or control maps making this a great addition to your materials or to use completely.

This Collection Includes the following:

The World Continents Map in Full Colour labelled and unlabelled

The World Continents Map in Black & White labelled and unlabelled

World Continent Name labels

World Seas & Oceans labelled and unlabelled

World Seas & Oceans Name Labels

World Continents 3 Part Cards

World Continents Pin Map Flags/Pieces

Often you will see world landmark continent animal figures added to this work.

We have INCLUDED Animal Figure art cards, and World Landmark 3 part cards       for matching with most figures found at retailers, or for use on their own.

BONUS: Penguin Figure 3 Part Cards, Arctic Animal Figure 3 Part Cards also included!


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