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Montessori Phonetic CVC Word Lists

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This is a beautiful set of CVC (consonant vowel consonant) Phonetic Word Reading Lists. The words in this set focus on short vowel sounds.

These lists can follow your Phonetic 3 Part Cards.

As your child continues to practice decoding sounds it is helpful to create a variety of materials to work with.

Your child can practice reading the words on their lists. They can even write the words on their lists in a language, journal, sand/salt tray, or chalk board if they choose. Our children often loved to write out the words they were working with, others may not wish to write any of the words and this is completely ok, because the focus right now is to have fun decoding letters and sounds.

Your child may discover rhyming words and word families while reading their lists.

 This is always a fun moment!

This material is part of Montessori Pink Series Reading.


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