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Plant ABC’s, Alphabet of Plants 3 Part Cards /Montessori PDF

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Our Plant ABC’s Set corresponds with Montessori Botany Materials.

Our materials in the set are fantastic to work along with your traditional materials, or to provide a complete alternative. You do not need to have knowledge of Montessori to use this set of cards. Instructions and ideas for use are included with this file.

This file contain gorgeous high definition photos of plants and flowers, that I photographed myself. 

This set features one plant per letter of the alphabet. 

This set is also perfect to use to play memory match.

This set is wonderful to order alphabetically, and also can be used to teach ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)

The set will help your child with letter and sound recognition, colours, refinement of detail recognition, and memory while matching the flower and plant forms.

Our focus was fun over mastery of the materials, in other words exploration with the cards is the goal, rather than remembering every flower name in the set.

This a beautiful and fun set of cards to work with!





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