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Montessori PDF Leaf Margin Set, 3 Part Cards, & Definitions, Photographed Set & Graphic Set Included

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Our Leaf Margins Set corresponds with Montessori Botany Materials.

These cards are a beautiful addition to your home or class botany study. You do not need to have knowledge of Montessori to use this set.

This set will help familiarize your child with the different characteristics of leaf margins, names and identification.

Montessori 3 Part Cards are an important and highly recognized tool in this method of teaching.  

Exploring parts of plants in your yard, garden centers, parks and nature walks are the best and most hands way for your child to experience plant material.

Our children were extremely interested in plants at a very young age,  and worked with these materials. Our focus was fun over mastery of the materials.

There are many amazing discoveries and explorations you can do at home to further study plant leaves.

Collecting and examining leaves during walks and in our own backyard have been the most exciting experiences we have had.

Leaf rubbing are such a fun and simple way to explore leaf margins, textures and shapes.

This set of Leaf Margin Materials includes:

PDF Leaf Margin Set 3 Part Cards -Photographed Set 

PDF Leaf Margin Set 3 Part Cards -Graphic Set 

PDF Leaf Margin  Definition Cards




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