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Montessori PDF Inspired Leaf Activity Set, Leaf Memory Match, Leaf 3 Part Cards, Leaf Pattern Matching, Leaf Bingo, Early Number Recognition & Counting 1-12, Early Leaf Addition Matching 1-10, Leaf Shape Scavenger Hunt

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Our Leaf Activity Set corresponds with Montessori Botany Materials. This set is a beautiful addition to your home or class botany study.

You do not need to have knowledge of Montessori to use this set.

Our entire set of materials include beautiful full colour photographs, and original graphics, created and Copy Righted to Making Montessori Ours.

The activities included with this set are the following:

Leaf 3 Part Cards

Montessori 3 Part Cards are an important and highly recognized tool in this method of teaching. This is an activity to help your child to recognize different leaf shapes, as well to refine their eye to note individual characteristics found in each form. This is also indirectly preparation for symbol recognition found in reading.

Leaf Memory Match

Memory match is an age old game that most children absolutely adore. There are so many skills that are practiced and refined during the process of this game.                             

Leaf Shape Scavenger Hunt   

Our scavenger hunt is designed to be used indoors, such that it can be used in any weather or season. We have several fun options with full instructions included with the set.                                                     

Leaf Bingo

Leaf Bingo is a fun activity to do with friends, or as a family.  Bingo can be played in many ways.  This version is played by visual recognition of shape, making this version great for all ages.

Leaf Pattern Matching                             

Patterning is part of your child’s pre reading preparation. Our leaf pattern matching activity, will help your child to practice visually evaluate pattern, form, and subtle nuances in colour of the leaves. This is a wonderful tool to help your child recognize the concept of patterns, and will translate later into the visual recognition required to decode the symbols and letters in written language.

Early Number Recognition & Counting 1-12

This is a very early version of number recognition and counting. There are many skills that are developed with activities such as this. Your child will develop number symbol recognition. They will practice counting and matching the symbol, to the visual object representation of the number.  Your child will practice the skill of organization, as they order the cards in their work space.

Early Leaf Addition Matching 1-10

This is a very early version of addition, with sum’s under ten. This is wonderful to begin after your child is proficient with recognizing numbers and counting 1-10.

We began our addition journey using objects or images only. You can use a selection of your memory match cards to demonstrate the concept of addition.

 This is a large and fun completely hands on learning activity set. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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