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Montessori Parts of a Cat 3 Part Cards and Charts Activity Set

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This is a fun set of cards that can be used in various ways, to suit the needs of your children and age range at home.

Included in this package:

3 Part Cards

Each labeled image card or control card, has a counter part image and label that is cut apart. The images may be matched to images, and the labels matched to the labels. This helps a child to practice visual awareness by matching colour, visual texture, and patterns in the images. If your child is not a reader, they can match the printed labels by recognition of the letter form.


Parts of a Cat Full Colour and Blackline Chart (large image) & Labels and Labeled Chart

Memory Match

The cards can also be used for playing memory match. You can begin with only a few cards depending on the age of the child.

Parts of a Cat Booklet Making

A set of black line cards/pages is also provided for the child who may wish to colour the parts of the cat, and write the part names. These cards/pages can be used to create your own cat booklet. You/your child can cut the image cards out and staple them into a booklet. A booklet cover has been provided or your child can make their own. The images are offset to make room for your choice of binding. You can hole punch and add string/yarn, or staple the booklet together.

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