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Montessori Moveable Alphabet Collection

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Montessori Moveable Alphabet Collection

For those who may not be familiar with the Moveable Alphabet, this is typically a box of wooden or printed letters of the alphabet that are organized right side up into a box. There are various reasons for this. Your child will benefit from the  organization of the box, in that that they will become familiar with alphabetic order as they use the box. They will always see the letters right side up form, thus helping to visually recollect letters and formation more readily. They will use the box to create words without needing to write as yet, thus placing all of the focus on the letters and sounds. We often work on the floor on a little mat, or at a table.

Print, laminate (if you wish) and cut out the moveable alphabet cards.

There are many plastic organizer containers available from discount retailers to organize and store your letters. If you’re adventurous you could  also make a box.  Collect the images or objects for spelling. We began with CVC or phonetic words. 

The Montessori Moveable Alphabet Collection 
File Includes:
CVC Moveable Alphabets Pink Series
Red and Blue Vowel generic
Blue and Green Series Moveable Alphabets to be used
with Black Alphabet Red Generic to be used with Black Alphabet.

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