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Montessori Leaf Cabinet Figure Cards

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This set of PDF Leaf Figure Cards correspond with your Leaf Cabinet Material, though the cabinet in not necessary to use these cards. There are a set of three grading cards for each figure in the cabinet. 

The Figure Cards are first introduced during Montessori Sensorial.

Do what works for your child.

Your child can work with just a few sets of cards to start, and progress from there. Our children matched our Leaf Insets to the form cards as well. They are designed to help your child associate shape and form, in moving from a solid shape, to the thick lined figure, to the most abstract being the thin lined figure.

The cards are used to help your child experience the shape and form of leaves, as they grade and visually track the details and form of each image.

You can use your control chart to help you organize your cards into sets. They can be kept in labeled envelopes. We stored ours by Leaf Cabinet drawer, so you can store the first line of figures together from your control chart, and continue with the second and third. You can however, organize them however you wish.

There are many lessons available online to work additional activities at home with your child.


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