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Montessori Inspired Halloween Fun and Learning Pack! PDF /Halloween Activities /Halloween Decor

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Welcome to some Halloween inspired Montessori fun Pack!
This fun-filled package contains the following materials for you to enjoy with your children of all ages! These products can be adapted to a variety of ages.

Halloween Banner & Mice Cut-outs– we have created a beautiful banner that you and your child can have fun cutting out together! Lace it up and hang it in your favourite spot! Have fun cutting and placing your collection of mice as well!
Cutting practice and lacing are incredible skills for your child to play with and develop. Creating fun decor craft items with your children builds lifelong skills. You can laminate your banner and mice to treasure for years to come if you wish.

Halloween Lacing Cards – lacing cards help to develop fine motor control, hand muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and lacing is just fun!

TIC TACK TOE & Checkers – playing games in any form with your children is not only fun it also promotes a wide range of skills like motor control, patience practice in taking terms, and becoming familiar with gaming rules and practices, patterns, and memory – just to name a very few!

Halloween Inspired Number Matching – we have created this set of number matching cards that can be played in two ways. The cards can be counted and matched by reading the numbers for older children, or younger children can visually match cards to their treat bags. Learning about numeracy using these kids of methods helps your child to recognize patterns in numbers and also to visually take in symbols and details which are imperative skills when learning to read.

Halloween Memory Match Cards – Memory match is a pre-reading activity that helps your child practice memory skills and visual recognition of objects. Conversation during play promotes new language opportunities. These cards can be used as story starters for oral or written story writing/telling.

There are many creative ways to use the cards so have fun and use your imagination!

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