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Montessori Geometry Sticks Material

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The Montessori Geometry Sticks Material Are used extensively throughout Elementary Geometry but primarily along side the Geometry Nomenclature Collection.  

To complete your Geometry Stick DIY version you can find the following items at your dollar or discount shop: large cork board, push pins (preferably flat top), string and some form of weight to create your plumb line. I found all of these items at a dollar store.

The age that you introduce this material will depend on your child. Our children enjoyed it early on to create forms. This material is introduced in Early Elementary and used for the remainder of Elementary work.

An important factor in the age of introduction is the fact that this material does require push pins, that could be a danger to a smaller child especially should a pin end up in their mouth. So caution and supervision is required.

This material is best laminated in some form and a small hole punch or even creating the holes with a sharp point will be helpful as a standard hole punch can be too large.

This is truly an amazing material that our children love!

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