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Montessori Geometry Collection of Materials PDF

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This is a huge collection of Montessori Geometry Files. This file will give you the majority of the materials needed to work through Montessori Geometry.

This Geometry Collection Includes:

Elementary Geometry Nomenclature

The Montessori Elementary Geometry Nomenclature is a large series of 8 sets of Geometry Concept Cards, Definition Cards, and a set of Geometry Charts. 

This is a 92-page file that took a great deal of time to complete for my own children. Purchasing the materials was extremely expensive so making the set was a very economical option for us at home.

Montessori is bar none the absolute best concrete curriculum to study Geometry, especially at home.

A child of any age is recommended to begin lessons at the beginning of the sequence, though materials are often seen explored in a sensorial way by small children to begin.

A manual in some form is so helpful.

The majority of Montessori Geometry Materials are used in both 6-9 and 9-12. The rate that your child will progress is completely dependant on them and will be different for every child.

For home use, we created a complete set of cards. We created our basics set (for our home) as 3 part cards. We did not print the remainder of the eight sets as 3 part cards and this was our choice at home. You can choose to print a second set of cards if you wish to do so. We created definition cards for every concept in our set that includes images. 

This file contains our full set of cards, definitions, and charts

 It will be helpful to hole punch and use a key ring to connect each set of cards and their corresponding definition set.   

This set of nomenclature is a key component of Montessori Elementary Geometry. The cards can be used alongside your traditional materials.

The Geometric Cabinet is a material that is used in the Early and Elementary Geometry Curriculum.

Geometric Cabinet 

This is a printable version of the Montessori Geometric Cabinet. The cabinet is used throughout the Early and Elementary Curriculum. Early on your child will work with the cabinet in a sensorial way. The cabinet is used throughout for a large variety of lessons later on primarily with Montessori Elementary Geometry.

Full-Colour set of the Cabinet Insets

Blackline set of the Cabinet Insets

Control Chart for the Geometric Cabinet

Geometric Cabinet 3 Part Cards

Our Geometric Cabinet 3 Part Cards can accompany our printable cabinet or your traditional material. The cards will help your child to visualize and name the insets from the cabinet.

3 Part Cards for the entire Montessori Geometric Cabinet

Figure Cards

Your child will most likely recognize the solid colour figures, sorting them by line will help your child to focus on the form of the shape in a more abstract sense.

At home, we sorted our cards per drawer and placed them in a small folder that we created from card stock.

Our children began by matching the inset from our cabinet to their solid plane image. 

This set includes:

Solid Plane Figure Cards

Thick lined Figure Cards

Thin Lined Figure Cards

There is a set of three images for each inset in your cabinet.

Fold-able Geometric Figures

Fold-able Geometric Figures are used early on, but also during Montessori Elementary Geometry Lessons. 

For those who may not be familiar, there is a material called the Trisectable Cube. This is a wooden cube figure that demonstrates the relationship of cubes and pyramids in that a cube can be trisected into three identical pyramids.

I have found it available in a very select number of exclusive Montessori retailers, and they are extremely expensive for home use.

I have created a foldable pattern for the cube and included it in this file. This makes the material extremely economical given it is used sparingly.

Tacky Craft glue works extremely well to glue these figures! You can find it at any craft store or discount retailer.

 The Constructive Triangles

The Constructive Triangles are used from 3-6 all the way through Elementary. Your child begins with a sensorial exploration of the triangles and moves through Elementary Geometry exploring a large range of lessons with the sets.

This package includes:

The Triangle Box

The Rectangle Box

The Blue Rectangle Box

The Small Hexagon Box

The Large Hexagon Box

We have also included Blue Rectangle Box 2- 12 Blue Triangles with this set.

Montessori Fraction Cabinet

This is our collection of materials found in the Montessori Fraction Cabinet.             This is a large cabinet of drawers/trays that are used during Fractions and extensively during Elementary Geometry Lessons.

This cabinet is extremely expensive. I have often seen the cabinet itself with no material trays in excess of 480 -1000 dollars. This is difficult to acquire for the vast majority of home learners. 

The materials can be purchased separately or here in the collection at a discounted rate.

Montessori Geometry Sticks Material

The Montessori Geometry Sticks Material Are used extensively throughout Elementary Geometry but primarily alongside the Geometry Nomenclature Collection.  

To complete your Geometry Stick DIY version you can find the following items at your dollar or discount shop: large cork board, push pins (preferably flat top), string, and some form of weight to create your plumb line. I found all of these items at a dollar store.

The age that you introduce this material will depend on your child. Our children enjoyed it early on to create forms. This material is introduced in Early Elementary and used for the remainder of Elementary work.

An important factor in the age of introduction is the fact that this material does require push pins, which could be a danger to a smaller child especially should a pin end up in their mouth. So caution and supervision is required.

This material is best laminated in some form and a small hole punch or even creating the holes with a sharp point will be helpful as a standard hole punch can be too large.

This is truly an amazing material that our children love!

Montessori Graded Figure Material

This is a print version of the traditional material consisting of a series of 3 boxes containing circles, squares, and triangles. Each box contains one colour set of each in red, yellow, and blue. The figures are graded in size from 1-10 figures. The figures can be used for design work and during sensorial early on. Later they are used during Elementary Geometry.

At home, we have used this material early on our light table. For lesson work laminate, and cut out your circles. You can also print it onto overhead transparency paper for light tables or overhead work.

 Montessori Geometry Star Formations Material Blue Rectangle Box

We have had a great deal of fun exploring Elementary Geometry Lessons and we wanted to bring the materials to you. This is a widely recognizable Montessori lesson for working with Blue Rectangle Box 2. This is a set of 12 uniform blue triangles, for creating and transforming to demonstrate the relationship between figures in Elementary Geometry. Your child will also be calculating the whole angle during these lessons.

This file includes:

Montessori Blue Rectangle Box 2

Star Formation Pattern Cards

Alternate Figure Cards

3 Part Cards for the Figure and Star Collection

This Lesson is part of Elementary 1 Geometry, though many children explore this box in a sensorial way early on, our children certainly did!

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