Montessori Fraction Circles Box 1 & 2
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Montessori Fraction Circles Box 1 & 2

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Montessori Fraction Circles

This file contains a print version of Montessori Red Fraction Circles

Boxes 1 & 2

These circles are sold in two boxes and are used to perform various hands on fraction work.

Box 1 contains circles 1-10  Box 2 contains circles 11-20

This is an economical option for creating these boxes with printed card stock and laminating. You will need several copies of each size. It is a fair amount of cutting but will result in huge savings.

I would recommend using a circular cutter from amazon or a craft store, though you certainly can use scissors.

I cut the parts with scissors.

This file also includes fraction labels/tiles each family in Box 1 & 2  - 1-20

Fraction Boxes 1 & 2 are used for a great deal of hands on fraction work. The fraction puzzles are an earlier work of circles 1-10 and are wonderful - but if you are on a budget you could certainly create a box holding enough pieces to
create each family represented in the puzzles, and the larger boxes for later work.

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