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Montessori EUROPE Continent Learning Collection PDF

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Montessori Europe Continent Collection

Continent Boxes are an incredible material to add to your Geography studies at home or in any classroom. The materials you include will give your child a look at life, animals, and architecture in their global community. We have absolutely loved our boxes and Montessori maps. The contents of this package are for your own personal use with your children, or for teachers to use with their own students in class. Every image was taken during our travels and family vacations. The oil and watercolour paintings are my own original artwork that I created for this package.

Your boxes/bags can be as large and elaborate as you wish to make them or very simple.  Often the boxes or bags (whatever you like) contain cards about each continent.  The cards can consist of images from a variety of countries on each continent around the globe.

It is wonderful to add in additional resources and family photos, postcards etc. from your own continent. It’s wonderful to have an atlas or a set of atlases to go along with the boxes.  You can include objects and currency from around the world as well.

We created our boxes using extremely inexpensive clear shoe boxes purchased from a build it store. We found these easy to stack and store. I have seen some amazing creative examples and generally, people use what they have to keep these boxes economical and easy to store.

The choice is yours!                                                                         

This beautiful Package Includes:

Continent 3 Part Cards Set Including animal and landmarks, and art.

Animal Figure Artist Cards to use for matching or on their own

Animal figures are very popular to add in as we did in our home.

Continent Flag 3 Part Cards

Continent Pin Map Flags and instructions to create Pin Map pieces

Full-Colour Montessori Europe Maps, labelled and unlabelled.

Blackline Montessori Europe Maps, labelled and unlabelled.

Country Labels included!

Refers to a parent (one family) at home with their child/children. All other conditions stated below apply.

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Classroom Licenses are valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

You can make hard copies or prepared materials for your *own* classroom students.

Materials or digital files are not transferable to other teachers, parents nor any individual.

Uploading materials for sharing through any media source or hosting site is prohibited.

I wish to extend gratitude for your asking and being sensitive to copyright practices.

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