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Montessori Early Language Package PDF

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Montessori Early Language Materials Package

Package includes:
All Metal Insets
Large Scale Sandpaper Letters Upper and Lower Case
Blackline Sandpaper letters Upper and Lower Case
43 Beginning and Ending Blue Series Blends Sandpaper Blends
CVC Moveable Alphabets Pink Series and Red and Blue Vowel generic, Blue and Green Series Moveable Alphabets with Black Alphabet, Red Generic.

Note: Many include a series of high-frequency digraphs at the beginning of Blue Series. Some may find it confusing because these digraphs appear again in Green Series along with other phonograms later on.  We found this invaluable to us to that they included high-frequency digraphs like "th" "sh" and "ch" among others, in that they helped our children to progress in reading other material far more quickly than if these high-frequency digraphs had been withheld until Green Series. It is your choice to use them or not at home.

Refers to a parent (one family) at home with their child/children. All other conditions stated below apply.

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