Montessori Decanomial Layout Package PDF
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Montessori Decanomial Layout Package PDF

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Montessori Decanomial Layout

Montessori Decanomial Layout Printable and Labels

The Decanomial Multiplication Layout is done with this Geometric representation of the Decanomial Bead Layout.

I have also included printable beads to create the Decanomial Bead Box. You need 55 of each bead bar

1-10 to complete the box.

The Decanomial is presented nearing the end of Multiplication Fact Memorization work.  There are many

lessons for both the bead and geometric form of this work. I have included all of the labels, but as the child progresses they will make their own and can use the control charts to check their own work.  Some lessons require use of Bead Cabinet Squares and Cubes. We do offer complete printable Bead Cabinet Materials. 

This file includes:

Montessori Decanomial Geometric Layout Cards

Montessori Decanomial Geometric Layout  Control Chart

Black line Copy for colouring or labelling

Decanomial Bead Stairs to make the Decanomial Bead Layout.

The Labelled Decanomial Numeric Layout  Control Chart

Labels for the Decanomial Numeric Layout

Decanomial Bead Layout for Squaring Labels

Decanomial Bead Layout for Cubing Labels

Decanomial Equation Layout Labels

Decanomial Equation Layout  Control Chart

Decanomial Algebraic Layout Labels

Decanomial Algebraic Layout  Control Chart


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