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Montessori Clock & Time Work Printable Package, Clocks and time PDF learning materials

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This package is a beautiful complete set of materials for your child to work with that will help them to clearly understand and explore the concept of time. This is an incredibly detailed package filled with beautiful graphically illustrated materials.This is an amazing set to add to any classroom or home learning environment.

Clocks & Time Package Includes:

 In One Year, A Children's Book About Time

A beautiful short story helping your child to understand the passage of time

Montessori Birthday Celebration

This is a lesson in which your child takes a walk around the sun holding a globe accompanied by a moon in their hands. This activity and full instruction are included. At home you can present this activity in a way that makes sense to you and your child.

Moon Phases 3 Part Cards & Chart, Blank Chart & labels

This material will help your child understand the phases of the moon in relation to the passage of each month. 

Parts of The Clock 3 Part Cards

This set will help your child to remember the features common found on a traditional clock.

Whole, Half, Quarter, Fraction Clocks - 3 Part Cards

These cards provide a graphic reference of fractions in relation to time. These cards are a useful tool to help your child internalize the concept of whole and parts.

Clock Hours, Half and Quarter - 3 Part Cards

These cards are a wonderful visual way for your child to practice visual recollection of time on the clock. Our clock cards feature a ring of Montessori 5 bars around the perimeter of each clock. This will help your child visualize the minutes, and also skip counting by 5's around the clock.

Build Your Own Clock Activity

A full page printable clock with hands and instruction for you and your child to assemble this large clock with movable hands. Your child can draw time cards and practice setting the clock to the correct time.

Time Card Game and Practice, Draw a card, and set your new clock!

You can use the prepared time cards to for the movable clock above and also with the clock blanks below.

Clock blanks to draw the time, colour & black line

Months Abbreviation Matching Card Set

This set of cards are colour coded by season. They will help your child practice reading and remembering the months of the year and also the commonly used abbreviation for each month.

Days of the Week Abbreviation Matching Card Set

This set much like the months of the year will help your child to read the names of each day and also to help remember the sequence. 

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