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Montessori Botany Parts of a Plant Charts, 3 Part Cards, Labels, Life Cycle Charts, Definition Cards, Tomato Life Cycle Charts & Labels

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Our Parts of a Plant Set corresponds with the Montessori Botany Materials.

Our materials in the set are fantastic to work along with your puzzles or provide a complete alternative to purchasing the puzzles.

We have included a large colour version of Parts of a Plant that you can

laminate for use, with your activity set. This large image is perfect for labelling or for cutting to use as a puzzle. Your child can check their work with the control chart.

You can also leave the colour image in tact, and you can create pin map pieces with the labels we have provided. The choice is yours.

Tomato plants are often seen in materials due to their ease to find and grow. Only the fruit of the tomato plant is safe to eat. Tomato are fun to explore and the seeds are easily saved and dried for planting.

 This set includes:

Parts of a Plant Full Colour Large Image (can be used as a puzzle, pin map or with labels provided).

Parts of a Plant Large Black Line Image, Black line Labelled Image

Parts of a Plant 3 Part Cards

Parts of a Plant Definition Cards

The Life Cycle of a Tomato Plant Charts, Black line charts, Black line with labels.

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