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Your child may wish to try reading and practicing a few phonetically sounded words in short sentences. This reading activity usually happens after your child has worked with the Phonetic Word Lists.

Phonetically sounded simply means that all words in the sentences can be completely decoded by sounding the words out. 

You child can practice reading and writing the letters in your sentences with our sentence tracing strips that are included. These strips can be laminated and used with dry erase markers.

Your child may or may not wish to write the sentences. If not that’s ok, because the main focus is to practice reading and decoding words. This is a great time to have conversations about the definition of a sentence and a phrase.

This material is part of Montessori Pink Series Beginner Reading Materials.

Use these materials in the sequence that works best for your child it's fun to work in other resources and books that your children love!

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