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Montessori 45 Layout Place Value Package/ Printable PDF

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The 45 Layout is the ultimate concrete representation of place value 1-1000!

The layout is completed with a large collection of Golden Beads. It's called the 45 Layout simply because it takes 45 of each value to complete the chart.

A typical set of Golden Beads contain 9 thousand cubes, and to complete this layout it requires 45! This is a great material to explore in printable form at home because the components as a whole are so expensive to purchase. This collection of traditional wood materials can cost hundreds of dollars.

This work is very large and can take some time for your child to build the entire place value chart. Our children loved building this chart, and sometimes in stages. It can take time to build the concentration to complete the entire layout.

Once the layout is built your child can practice creating numbers from the chart and making their value in beads. Print a second set of bead cards and create numbers for your child - better yet, your child can create their own!

Use your imagination! The early bank game is all about asking your child to go to the layout with a tray to retrieve the value of numbers in beads.

The layout will help your child to visualize place value in base ten number patterns.

Your child will exercise gross and fine motor control while building and organizing the chart.

Counting and number recognition are skills that solidify with practice in building the layout.

The materials can be scaled down to as little as the numbers 1 –3 with their bead values. More cards and beads can be added as your child progresses.

I have included two photos of our daughter working with the wooden materials as a reference to the traditional materials, but please note this is a printable affordable product.

This file includes a print version of the large number cards. Printing two sets are fantastic to make numbers with your child.

You can create a number in cards and have your child retrieve the beads to make the value. Your child can also take the beads and the number cards from the chart. This is fun and helpful because your child will be able to visually identify and reference their place value in the chart.

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