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MMO Montessori Botany Living and Non-living Classification and Sorting Activity

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The living and non-living activity will help your young child to identify and classify living and non-living things in their environment.

Print out the sorting cards and the labels above. You can start with just a few cards to begin, and then add cards when your child is ready.

You can talk about the characteristics and needs of living things. Does it breath? Does it eat? Can it move on it's own?

There will be many great points of discussion and lots of new vocabulary to explore while chatting about the concept of living and non-living.

The cards can be kept in a basket or box on a shelf where your child can access the set.

A great extension is to print a second set of cards to create a living and non-living memory match game. As a match is made the cards can be sorted under their labels.

You can choose a few cards together to create story starters.


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