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Money Learning Printable Package /Early Learning

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This is a Canadian & American currency learning printable package. This is a fantastic currency counting counterpart for your early math materials. The materials offered in this package are inspired by Montessori Early Math Materials. The package also includes decimal versions. This is such a great way to introduce decimal work.  

This is an amazing package to use during market play. It will familiarize your child with understanding, and counting currency in relation to place value.

Decimal & Cent Symbol Printable Spindle Boxes. This material will focus on counting 0 - 9 cents

Decimal & Cent Symbol Printable Hundred Board, This material includes a printable black hundred board, and also control boards printed with numbers 1-100 in decimal and cent symbol form.

Decimal & Cent Symbol Number Tiles, these tiles are used with either our printed board above, or with your board wooden board.

Cent Symbol Printable Number Cards, for labeling your numbered rods.

Money Numbered Rods

Decimal Teens & Tens Boards, You will work with the teens and tens boards with either printed or real coins to create the values in currency.

Large Money Number Cards, this is a set of large number cards 1-1000 printed with currency symbols. Your child can explore place value with currency much the way they did with their Montessori Large number cards and Golden Beads for the 45 Layout. This is a huge place value chart assembled on the floor laying out the number cards and beads to represent their value.

81 Printable Shopping Cards ranging from .01 - $90.00, These cards are printed with an image of item to purchase, and the price for that item. The cards can be separated according to their value, so that your child can practice building their currency counting skills over time.

This package is a fantastic addition to currency learning at home, or in any classroom. Being familiar with Montessori materials can help, but is not a must in terms of using this material.

To see the package in greater detail you can visit us at the link below to see first hand hand how we used these materials in our home. If you have any questions about the use please ask!

Please visit Making Montessori Ours to get your FREE Canadian & American 3 Part Cards & Play Money Printables to go along with this amazing printable package!!

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