Montessori Layers Of The Earth Package
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Montessori Layers Of The Earth Package

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This is a beautiful graphically illustrated set to add to your Earth Science materials in your class or at home. The package comes complete with full instructions for assembling and using the work.

This Package Includes:

Layers of the Earth Control Charts, Full page, full colour illustrations of the Layers of the Earth Cross Section Diagram, that are fully labelled.

Layers of the Earth Charts For Labelling, Full page, full colour illustrations of the Layers of the Earth Cross Section Diagram that your child can label with the labels that are also provided.

Layers Of The Earth 3 Part Cards, 3 Part cards isolate focus on each highlighted layer of the Earth to help your child visualize the location and retain the vocabulary for the highlighted part. 

Definition Cards, Each individual layer has a basic description to help your child understand the characteristics of the highlighted layer in relation to the Earth.  

Layers of the Earth Wedge Diagram, This diagram provides your child with an alternate view and context to visualize the layers of the Earth. This set includes a full page, full colour labelled Control Chart, and a full colour unlabelled Chart - including labels for your child to work with the material. They can cut and paste the labels, or you can laminate them for repeated use.                                      

Cut & Build The Layers Activity Instructions provided, This is a full page series of images that your child can cut out to build a cross section of the Earths layers. instruction are provided to make a fun version that is laminated and movable. 

Full page colouring sheets of both diagrams are included in this package.


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