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Montessori Geometry Nomenclature Collection

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The Montessori Elementary Geometry Nomenclature is a large series of 8 sets of Geometry Concept Cards, Definition Cards and set of Geometry Charts. 

This is a 92 page file that took a great deal of time to complete for my own children. Purchasing the materials was extremely expensive, so making the set was a very economical option for us at home.

Montessori is bar none the absolute best concrete curriculum to study Geometry, especially at home.

A child of any age is recommended to begin lessons at the beginning of the sequence, though materials are often seen explored in sensorial way by small children to begin.

A manual in some form is so helpful.

The majority of Montessori Geometry Materials are used in both 6-9 and 9-12. The rate that your child will progress is completely dependant on them, and will be different for every child.

For home use we created a complete set of cards. We created our basics set (for our home) as 3 part cards. We did not print the remainder of the eight sets as 3 part cards and this was our choice at home. You can choose to print a second set of the cards if you wish to do so. We created definition cards for every concept in our set that includes images. 

This file contains our full set of cards, definitions and charts

 It will be helpful to hole punch and use a key ring to connect each set of cards and their corresponding definition set.   

This set of nomenclature is a key component of Montessori Elementary Geometry. The cards can be used along side your traditional materials.

If you require the majority of the materials to accompany your Geometry Nomenclature we will be offering a large package that includes print versions of these materials.

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