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Montessori Foldable Geometric Figures

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Fold-able Geometric Figures are used early on, but also during Montessori Elementary Geometry Lessons. 

For those who may not be familiar there is a material called the Trisectable Cube. This is a wooden cube figure that demonstrates the relationship of cubes and pyramids, in that a cube can be trisected into three identical pyramids.

I have found it available in a very select number of exclusive Montessori retailers, and they are extremely expensive for home use.

I have created a foldable pattern for the cube and included it in this file. This makes the material extremely economical given it is used sparingly.

Tacky Craft glue works extremely well to glue these figures, as does double sided tape! You can find it at any craft store or discount retailer. Cutting accuracy is important to help line up the folds.

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