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Montessori Leaf Cabinet PDF Materials

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This PDF includes the entire cabinet of insets and frames, with control chart.

Print and laminate your inset cards. They are on separate pieces of paper, because it helps to cut them out much easier.

You can use your control chart to help you organize your insets. They can be kept in labeled envelopes.

This cabinet is first introduced during Montessori Sensorial. Do what works for your child.

This cabinet is used to help your child experience the shape and form of leaves. collecting and matching leaves to the forms in the cabinet is a wonderful activity. The cabinet is about exploration.

Your child can match the insets to the frames much like a puzzle. They can also trace the frames and insets much like the Montessori Metal Insets, for writing preparation.

There are many lessons available online to work additional activities at home with your child.


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