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Montessori Colour Learning Package

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This is a beautiful colourful package designed with all of the desired elements for colour learning. Instructions for the materials are included in this package.

Included in this package:

Montessori Colour Box 1 Primary Colour Tablets

Montessori Colour Box 2 Primary & Secondary Colour Tablets

Montessori Colour Box 3 Colour Evaluation and Grading Tablets

Colour Sorting & Grading Game

Colour Labels

Colour Sorting Images in Primary and Secondary Colours

Colour and Number Puzzles 1-10 Featuring The Montessori Bead Stair Colours

Colour & Word Puzzles Primary & Secondary Colours

Playing With Colour Activities Included:

Colour Mixing Bugs in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours

Colour Wheel Chart & Blackline Colour Wheel Chart

Colour Mixing Sun Graphics

Colour Mixing Butterfly Graphic Activity


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