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Ava & Cat Beginner Readers and Sight Word Package **PDF VERSION**

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Ava & Cat Readers were inspired by our family cat and the special relationship she and our children share. The readers are adorable and filled with fun stories, humour and Cat's BIG personality. This is a three level system of readers that your child can progress through at their own pace. 

Our Readers include a download of our 11 readers collection and Sight Word Cards that are colour coded to accompany your books.

These readers are for any family and child who is beginning their journey to read. The books and cards have detailed instructions as to how to prepare and create these materials for your child.

You do not need to know anything about Montessori to use this package! This is a fun engaging and completely interactive beginner reading experience.


Our 3 Level Set of 11 Readers

Phonetic Words! Words that can be sounded out, also known as CVC or consonant vowel consonant words. This set is filled with high frequency sight words that are invaluable to help your child progress to reading simple sentences.

Blends! This set of books with help your child practice reading and blending letter sounds, along side new sight words. 

Phonograms! These are words that are non phonetic, or meaning that they cannot be sounded phonetically by the look of each letter. These are special sounds that are retained by your child with practice in reading.

Beginner Readers and Materials are designed to help give your child the tools they need to understand the process of decoding words and language. Fluency develops with your child over years of reading and practice, as does spelling. 

The books can be printed on regular paper. You can decide to print the covers on card stock or regular paper and laminate the covers. We provide full instruction to assemble the books simple and quickly at home or for your class. If you choose to print the books in book(let) form you can choose the method that works best for you to assemble/bind them. Some use a long arm stapler and others use a simple needle and thread to stitch the binding.

**Please note that this is a full PDF product** the PDF file can be printed normally (single sided) or if your printer supports it double sided (printed on both sides of the paper).

Your printer will need to support double sided printing to use this option otherwise you can simply do a regular one sided print. Full photo instructions and tutorial are provided to help you print and assemble your books as quickly and simply as possible. 

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