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Montessori Dot Board

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Montessori Dot Board

The Montessori Dot Board is a beautiful simple material that is wonderful to use at home, either as part of the curriculum or even for tutoring if you so choose.

The Dot Board is introduced after the Stamp Game.

The purpose is to help your child to very clearly see the process of exchanging or carrying  numbers through columns. This activity is amazing to help develop concentration, organization and order. There are several steps, and colours for each place value for your child to track and  document.

 The Dot Board Package Includes:

The Traditional Dot Board Format

Dot Board Format featuring two Boards on the sheet.

Sample Equations with instructions.

1 Sheet of practice equations. Equations and generally written by hand.

The Boards can be laminated and used with dry erase markers if you choose.

This file is printed on LEGAL size paper or card stock. Generally it is printed on regular weight paper that could also be laminated.

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