Solar System Package
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Solar System Package

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This is an amazing large collection of graphically illustrated Solar System materials that are a perfect addition to your Science materials in class or in your home learning environment. This package will help your child to understand the order of planets, rotation and physical characteristics of each planet. Your child will learn about Moon Phases and also the Layers of the Earths Atmosphere, in addition to basic star formations and constellations. This package is an amazing foundation.

Solar System Package Includes:

Solar System Control Chart, Blank Chart & Labels, Beautiful full colour, full page illustration of the Solar System and order of planets. Your child can label the chart with the labels that are included with the package.

Solar System 3 Part Cards & Definitions, These 3 part cards will help your child to retain the names of each planet in a visual hands on way with focus placed on individual planet cards, and definitions to give your child an understanding of the physical characteristics of each planet. 

Build A Solar System Large Cut outs, and Labels, This is an activity that our children loved! Your child will assemble and label a large presentation of the planets and their order on the floor! 

Solar System & Planets Colouring Pages are also included

Solar System Puzzle, This is a simple full page full colour image of the solar system that has been lined for cutting into pieces for assembling. You can laminate the puzzle before you or your child cut it out for durability. 

Constellations 3 Part Cards, This is a fun set of cards for the more likely recognizable constellations. The set includes a definition card. These are fun to take outside to see if you can spot the constellations and even draw them with chalk of black construction paper! This is an activity that we greatly enjoyed with our children.

Layers of the Atmosphere Control Chart, This is a fun graphic presentation to help your child understand and reference the layers of our atmosphere.

Layers of the Atmosphere Blanks Chart with Labels, You child can colour these black line charts and paste on the labels.

Phases of The Moon Control Chart, Moon Phases 3 Part Cards & Chart, Blank Chart & labels, This material will help your child understand the phases of the moon in relation to the passage of each month. The Control chart will help your child to visualize moon phases in relation to the Earth and Sun.

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