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Montessori Pre-reading Package

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This package series includes three different materials! These activities are the beginning of your child's journey to read. Generally these activities are used in the order below, but completely dependant on the needs of your child.

Early puzzles do many amazing things for your child. The are included as a pre reading activity, because your child will be visually evaluating the images on the cards, taking in the details, textures, shapes, and lines, that create each image.  The will also gain fine motor refinement, in moving, aligning, and piecing the images together. These are all valuable skills that later translate  to the skills of symbol and letter recognition.

Simple two piece puzzles were a huge favourite for our children when they were very young.

Our children began using puzzles like this around 18mths - two years of age. This will completely depend on your child.

In addition to using as a traditional puzzle, you can also use the puzzles for matching.

 Print two sheets and leave one uncut for a matching mat.

What Goes Together? 

What goes together is a matching concept game that develops the skills of recognition, logic and reasoning.

Your child will match the cards visually by the relationship and association that the objects share.

This is great fun to play with your child while talking about the uses of the objects, and where they may be found in effort to make these connections.

The cards can also be used to create stories.

Story Sequencing

Story Sequencing Cards help your child to visually practice  laying out a logical sequence of events.

The cards begin with three smaller story sets for your child to order in sequence.

You can sort the cards and work with one set at a time to start. Later your child may wish to sort and order more than one set at a time.

We had great fun with this activity while chatting about the story and events that may have been taking place.

Perhaps getting ready to go on a trip!




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