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Montessori Blend Sandpaper Letter Tracing Cards

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This Montessori Set of Printable Sandpaper Letters containing 43 Blends used during Blue Series Work. 

Learning Letter Sounds 

For those who may not be familiar with Sandpaper Letters, this is a set of alphabet letter cards that are organized right side up into a box or container.

The traditional wooden letters have a thin coat of sand on the letters themselves. These cards will help with writing preparation, but also to help your child to learn letter sounds.  Each letter is presented to your child demonstrating the formation of each letter by finger tracing. This practice helps them to retain the early muscle memory and coordination to form each letter. After tracing your child can practice the formation in a sand/salt tray. You can fill a small tray or even pie plate with salt (the easiest to find and work with) in a tray. 

Full instructions and activity ideas are included with your letters.

Our manual does include a series of high frequency digraphs at the beginning of Blue Series. Some may find it confusing because these digraphs appear again in Green Series along with other phonograms later on. 

We found this invaluable to us to that they included high frequency digraphs like "th" "sh" and "ch" among others, in that they helped our children to progress in reading other material far more quickly than if these high frequency digraphs had been withheld until Green Series. It is your choice to use them or not at home.

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