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Montessori Geometric Cabinet Collection

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The Geometric Cabinet is a material that is used in the Early and Elementary Geometry Curriculum.

Our Geometric Cabinet Collection Includes the following:

Geometric Cabinet 

This is a printable version of the Montessori Geometric Cabinet. The cabinet is used throughout the Early and Elementary Curriculum. Early on your child will work with the cabinet in a sensorial way. The cabinet is used throughout for a large variety of lessons later on primarily with Montessori Elementary Geometry.

Full Colour set of the Cabinet Insets

Blackline set of the Cabinet Insets

Control Chart for the Geometric Cabinet

Geometric Cabinet 3 Part Cards

Our Geometric Cabinet 3 Part Cards can accompany our printable cabinet or your traditional material. The cards will help your child to visualize and name the insets from the cabinet.

3 Part Cards for the entire Montessori Geometric Cabinet

Figure Cards

Your child will most likely recognise the solid colour figures, sorting them by line will help your child to focus on the form of the shape in a more abstract sense.

At home we sorted our cards per drawer and placed them in a small folder that we created from card stock.

Our children began by matching the inset from our cabinet to their solid plane image. 

This set includes:

Solid Plane Figure Cards

Thick lined Figure Cards

Thin Lined Figure Cards

There is a set of three images for each inset in your cabinet.



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